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1. CSS –Cascading style sheets: is a web technology that allows styling of HTML pages. CSS depends on an HTML page like clothing depends on a body, where CSS is the clothing and HTML is a body to be styled. An HTML page can hold the raw text i.e. paragraphs and links, CSS will tell the browser how the raw text should look i.e. color, and positioning.

2. CSS Rule And Syntax

· Style sheets are made up of CSS rules;

· CSS rules are made from CSS syntax;

· CSS syntax is made of a (XHML, HTML) selector and a declaration block.

· Declaration block holds properties and values

· Declaration blocks can hold multiple properties and values

· All properties and values within the declaration block affects the (XHTML, HTML) selector

· So whatever look or style you create for a certain (XHTML, HTML) Tag (selector) i.e. <p>, <h1>, and so on will affect the text held between those Tags (selector)


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